Posted by: aminakombo | November 15, 2008


HIV/Aids is a killer  disease known all over the world, but not to my friend who was called,” Najma .About 2 years ago, when we became good friends, She was that kind of person who did not like  being told what to do or not to.

Early this year, I discovered that my beloved friend was infected with the HIV virus , yet she was still in school.She refused to take medicine and no matter how I tried to advice her on the importance of swallowing the tablets, she refused to listen to me.

She became an alcoholic, did drugs and earned her money through prostitution. Trust me if you saw her, my dear reader you will never ever engage your self in any of those evil acts.

She was in deep pain in the last few months, trying to battle with life and  finally,she was laid to rest. My Najma died on the 15th of 11-2008.

After the burial we all gathered in her house and as her sister was as busy as a bee cleaning Najma, room when she found a letter. A t first, she was afraid to read it, wondering what it may contain. Finally, she opened it and……

Written with a red pen was the word, ”MEDUSA”,  immediately I thought of,” Medusa root of evil,”  the letter contained  a list of more than 38 names together with the  phone numbers of men she  had already infected with the virus.

Oooohhhh No! Everybody exclaimed in disguise, we did not know what to do, how to go about it. Luckily, her big brother advice  as to go to the nearest VCT to be tested.

Even though we got tested and got to know our status, some of the people whose names appeared on the list up to date , no one knows where they disappeared to.So far, 16 people who were on the list tested positive to the HIV virus.

It would be a better idea if not only the Kenyan government but the entire world came in and helped to fight this killer disease, ”AID’s,”

To my fellow readers, please do not be afraid of getting tested, and if you are infected, do not lose hope , rather take medicine to prolong your life.

Do not spread it, but stop it! ”YES WE CAN.”


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